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There are more than 14 million children living in the US with one of more than 600 different neurological conditions. For members of Congress and other policymakers, numbers matter. Help CNS Foundation Shine A Light On An Invisible Population!


"Andiamo is a social venture creating a new user-centred children’s orthotics service. Our aim is to drastically reduce wait times from 13 weeks to 48 hours, by using 3D scanning and...

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014
The 2014 World Stem Cell Summit will be held December 3-5 in San Antonio, Texas. This Summit features upcoming advances in stem cell science!

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Over the past decades, we have seen numerous tragic examples where the failure of institutions to meet the needs of infants for social contact and stimulation has led to the failure of these infants to thrive. 

Infancy and childhood are critical life periods that shape the development of the cortex. A generation of research suggests that enriched environments, full of interesting stimuli to explore, promote cortical development and cognitive function. In contrast, deprivation and stress may compromise cortical development and attenuate some cognitive functions.

Young children...